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Online Forensic Science Course: An Overview

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Online Forensic Science Course: An Overview

04,April 2024

The craze for pursuing Forensic Science courses is rising among teenagers with each passing day. The main cause behind this move of students is their fantasy for crime shows. Forensics departments and professionals are showcased in such an attractive manner in these shows that it allures the students towards it. Since there are limited colleges in India offering such courses hence candidates look for both online and offline modes of education. And when they can’t opt for offline mode for any reason they join the online forensic science course to fulfill their passion. Here in this blog, we have given complete details on online forensic courses candidates can read it to know about the same.

What is An Online Forensic Science Course?

Just like an offline program, this program also follows the same curriculum. The online forensic degree is a two to three-years course that deals with both laboratory and field knowledge. During the phase of course candidates will be taught the art of solving the crime using various investigative methods. This will be done through teaching the techniques involved in evidence collection, examination, and analysis. The online forensic science course covers the major topics of crime investigation like handwriting examination, DNA analysis, data collection and recording, toxicology, serology, etc.

Key Highlights of Online Forensic Science Course:

To get an overview of the key components of the online forensic course, candidates can check the table given below. This table consists of all the important details related to this course:

Particulars Details
Name of the course Online Forensic Science
Type Online
Duration 2 months - 3 years
Examination Type Semester wise
Eligibility Criteria Must have passed 10th and 12th in the science stream
Admission process Online Application
Average Fees Rs. 30,000
Average Salary Rs. 4 Lakhs
Job Profiles Forensic Scientists, Crime Scene Investigator, Forensic Expert, Customs Agent, Forensic Geologists, Forensic Engineer, Forensic Accountant, Cyber Forensic Expert, Law Expert
Top Recruiters Intelligence Bureau, Central Bureau of Investigation, Government Forensic Laboratory, Income Tax Department, Crime Branch, Quality Control Bureau

Online Forensic Science Course Admission Process:

With the introduction of the online education system, the availability of online courses in various domains has increased. Now distance is not a barrier anymore for those who wish to chase their dreams. To get admission to online forensic courses candidates need to apply online to each desired institute within the prescribed time frame to avoid any last-minute mistakes. Candidates can follow the mentioned steps of the admission process:

  • Make the list of colleges you wish to get admission to,
  • Fill out the application form for individual colleges,
  • Pay the prescribed application fees,
  • Submit the required documents,
  • Get the documents verified by the college authorities,
  • Pay the token amount of admission.

Once you are done with all the steps mentioned above you are good to go and need not to do anything else. But before initiating the admission process, candidates should make sure that they comply with the eligibility conditions of the college.

Eligibility Criteria:

The eligibility conditions for the forensic admission process are released by each institute offering an online program. It is mandatory for the candidates to fulfill the criteria as failure to do so will lead to cancellation of the admission. The eligibility criteria for online forensic science are given below:

Eligibility Criteria for Diploma/Certification/Bachelor’s Degree:

  • Candidates must have passed 10th and 12th with science with at least 50 percent marks from a recognized board.

Eligibility Criteria for Master’s Degree:

  • Candidates willing to get admission in forensic science master’s degree must have passed graduation in science or equivalent degree with at least 50 percent marks from a recognized university.

Entrance Exams:

Colleges that offer admission to forensic science courses in online mode do not conduct any entrance exams. Hence unlike offline courses, you don’t require preparing for the entrance examination for admission to online programs.

Online Forensic Science Course Syllabus:

The curriculum for online forensic courses is almost the same as that of the regular course. Some of the subjects may vary but the subjects that are common to all the institutes are mentioned in the table below:

Serial No. Subjects
1. Introduction to Forensic Science
2. English
3. Environmental Science
4. Crime and Society
5. Digital Forensics
6. Tools and Techniques in Forensic Science
7. Criminal Law And Society
8. Fundamentals Of Physical Chemistry
9. Chemistry
10. Law to Combat Crime
11. Physics
12. Forensic Biology
13. Criminalistics
14. Zoology
15. Botany
16. Forensic Serology
17. Computer Science
18. Questioned Documents
19. Forensic Ballistics And Explosives
20. Forensic Medicine And Psychiatry
21. Introduction to Biometry
22. Forensic Ballistics
23. Forensic Toxicology
24. Forensic Medicine
25. Computer Forensics Investigations
26. Handwriting Identification and Recognition
27. Forensic Psychology
28. Instrumental Analysis
29. Cyber Forensics
30. DNA Analysis And Interpretation

Specializations in Online Forensic Science Course:

Candidates who wish to make their career in the field of forensics can opt for any of the specializations offered by the institutes. Candidates can opt for any of the specializations mentioned below based on their interests:

  • Forensic Toxicology,
  • Forensic Chemistry,
  • Forensic Psychology,
  • Forensic Biology,
  • Serology,
  • DNA Analysis,
  • Forensic Handwriting,
  • Forensic Geology,
  • Forensic Ballistics,
  • Forensic Accounting,
  • Forensic Anthropology.

Scope of Online Forensic Science Course:

The statement that says, “Candidates who pursue online courses don’t get jobs” is a myth now. The students who opt for online degree programs are getting equally placed in well-known organizations as the regular ones are getting. With the advent of digital media in our lives the new wings of education are getting spread. And online mode is also one of the wings of education in today’s world. With online forensic courses being considered a boon to such candidates who can’t pursue regular courses the scope of forensic science is also increasing. Candidates after completion of their online degree programs can work with well-known organizations across India like the defense sector, police departments, crime branches, banks, etc.

Top Recruiters:

Some of the top recruiters who hire candidates with online degrees as mentioned below:

  • Intelligence Bureau,
  • Central Bureau of Investigation,
  • Detective Agencies,
  • Government and private Forensic Laboratory,
  • Income Tax Department,
  • Crime Branch,
  • Quality Control Bureau,
  • Government and private Hospitals,
  • Insurance Companies,
  • University/Colleges,
  • Banks.

Benefits of Online Forensic Science Course:

The benefits of opting for online courses are several here we have given some of the major ones to give candidates clarity on the same:

  • Through online learning students who are living in different parts of India get access to good colleges offering forensics courses at reasonable fees.
  • Through online courses candidates get the flexibility of working while pursuing their master’s and undergraduate degrees.
  • The time-bound constraint vanishes when candidates pursue online programs giving them more flexibility.

Career Options after Online Forensic Science Course:

If you have thought that you will not be getting good career opportunities if you pursue an online degree then you are wrong. Because it is not the case anymore, now companies are hiring candidates with online degrees as well. Since the distinction between online and offline courses has vanished now both professionals get equally paid while being hired on the same posts. Some of the career opportunities that candidates can go for are given below:

  • Forensic Scientist,
  • Crime Laboratory,
  • Forensic Auditor,
  • Forensic Psychologist
  • Forensic Psychiatrists,
  • Forensic Analyst,
  • Crime Scene Investigator,
  • Forensic Engineer,
  • Law Consultant,
  • Customs Agent,
  • Handwriting Expert,
  • Forensic Toxicologist,
  • Forensic DNA Analyst,
  • Crime Reporter,
  • Forensic Anthropologist,
  • Forensic Expert,
  • Professor.

If you have the dream of becoming a forensic expert but don’t have enough time to pursue the degree in regular mode then you don’t need to worry. You can take admissions in online forensic science courses to live your dream by paying even less fees compared to regular mode courses.


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What is an online Forensic Science course?
The online Forensic Science course is a two to three-year degree program that is an amalgamation of science with the law of the land.
What is the eligibility criterion for admission to an online Forensic Science course?
To get admission to the online forensic course students must have passed class 12th in the science stream with at least 50 percent aggregate marks.
What is the average fee for an online Forensic Science course?
The average fee for an online Forensics course is Rs. 30,000.
What are the entrance exams candidates can appear for online programs?
To get admission into the forensics course in online mode candidates can directly apply and need not appear for any entrance examination.
What is the duration of online programs in Forensic Science?
The duration of completion of online programs in forensics varies from 2 months to 3 years. Since the duration of the course depends on the program you are pursuing.
What is the average salary of a candidate with an online degree in forensics?
The average salary that a candidate receives if he has done an online degree is Rs. 4 LPA.