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Is Forensic Science a Good Career

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Is Forensic Science a Good Career

17,Feb 2024

We live in a society where people break the laws of the land in one or the other way. Some commit pity crimes while there are a few who commit severe crimes like murders, rape, cyber frauds, etc. Till the date crimes are present in our society the demand for forensic science experts will be there. The people who investigate the crimes using scientific means while assisting the investigating officers are called Forensic Scientists. These people work in close collaboration with the crime branches and the police departments in solving crime mysteries. The scope of forensic science is wide and huge hence it is a really good career.

Every crime is different and hence the methodology involved in solving its mystery is also unique. Forensic scientists are experts in their respective specializations and hence they are the best people to be concerned in crime investigations. The role of these experts is not limited to mystery solving instead they also study the psychology of the criminals and the victims and thus advise the law enforcement agencies to take such actions that limit the crime rates.

Scope of Forensic Science:

The demand for these experts is a never-ending thing. The involvement of these people is an essential pillar of crime investigation and case solving. Both private and government companies offer good jobs to these experts which is great. As a forensic expert, your job will not be restricted to the laboratories instead you will be performing various roles and will be working in different spectrums. Some of the job roles that you will be performing are mentioned below:

Serial No.

Job Profile

Job Role


Forensic Expert

These experts are the specialized person who assists the investigating officers at crime scenes. These people investigate the evidence and conduct the autopsies as well.


Forensic Scientist

These people majorly deal with the pieces of evidence collected and give their final readings about them to the court of law.


Forensic Investigator

They accompany the investigators to the crime scenes, help in the collection of the evidence, and study the murder pattern to conclude whether it is a serial killing or there is some personal motive behind the case.


Crime Scene Investigator

These experts look for every minor and major detail at the crime scene. They analyze the crime, examine the scene, and hence give their theory of what could have happened. In case of theft and murder, they try to figure out the missing things from the site, report them, and present the physical evidence to the court.


Handwriting Expert

These people are the experts who analyze the handwriting patterns. They compare the handwriting of the evidence with those of the suspects to conclude the presence of people at the crime scene. In cases of property transfers where the family fights for the property after the death of the owner, these people examine the authenticity of the presented wills in a court of law.


Document Examiner

These experts examine the authenticity of the documents presented in the form of proof in the courts.


Security Expert

These people protect digital data from theft using firewalls and other tools.


Forensic Law Consultant

Courts consult these people to get a better understanding of the digital evidence in delivering justice.



These people work with agencies and independently, they try to know about the victims and the suspects along with their family backgrounds among other tasks.


Forensic Psychologist

These people study the psychology of victims and suspects to know what made them commit the crime.


Forensic Pathologists

These people conduct tests on the samples collected from the crime scenes that act as evidence.


Fingerprint Expert

They analyze all the fingerprint samples collected from the crime site.


Genetics Experts

They conduct DNA tests to confirm the relations claimed by the suspects and the victims.



They conduct tests to identify the presence of drugs or poisonous substances in the human body.


Forensic Serologist

They conduct examinations on the body fluid samples collected concerning the crime.

Benefits of Working as Forensic Scientists:

The job of forensic scientists is very unique. It offers good opportunities to the candidates that increase with time and experience. The job benefits for this job role are quite appealing; here we have mentioned some of the top benefits of working in the forensic field.

1. Fascinating Job:

The job in the field of forensic science is fascinating. It attracts the people who love murder mysteries. Crime scene investigators collect the evidence from the site and try to solve the suspicious cases. The evidence collected from the sites is often exciting and creepy hence it makes the job engaging. Each case is unique and hence the evidence related to the case is also unique thus it is a challenging job. Their job puts them in the crime scene and gives them the feeling of being an integral part of the case.

2. Play Important Role in Crime Solving:

These experts play an important role in mystery solving and investigating the cases. They assist the police department in the examination of the crime and advise the law enforcement agencies in delivering justice. They testify in the courts and provide proof to support the innocence or guilt of a suspect. They give a scientific angle to every piece of evidence collected thus ensuring no misunderstanding happened during justice delivery. They try to find the accused based on the evidence collected using various tests like the Narco test, DNA test, etc. Their role in crime investigation is an integral part and hence they can’t be avoided.

3. Job Security:

As per the report of the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), it is an emerging field. It is expected to grow by 16% in the upcoming 10 years by 2030. The career opportunities in this field are never-ending. The demand for experts in this domain is high as every department needs specialists to solve crimes in an efficient and fast manner. Hence this profile ensures job security for the candidates. Once you enter the field of forensics you don’t need to worry about the pay and your job as you will be working till the day you want. Candidates can work in any of the specializations as per their interest. The pay scale of these experts is quite exciting, though you will receive less salary initially but with growth in your career and higher experience you will be earning more.

4. Diverse Field:

The job of a forensic expert is not confined to the collection of evidence or testing the samples collected in the laboratories. The field of forensics is quite wide and you can work in any of the fields that you wish to work. Those who love to work in the technology part can become forensic computer analysts, while those who are attracted to body fluids can become forensic serologists. You will be accommodating the crime investigators and will be a part of the crime investigations. You will be responsible for the collection of evidence, analysis, examinations, and recording them.

Forensic Science Course Salary:

These experts earn good salaries, and the companies hiring them offer hefty packages based on their experience and skill set. The demand for these specialists is high and hence they can crack the deals on their terms and conditions. Initially, they might earn less but eventually, it goes really high. The salary slabs may vary depending on the educational qualification, location of the company, and domain it is dealing with. But overall you will always be on the advantageous side. Once you get a good paying job in this sector you don’t need to look back as the perks of being a forensic expert always increase.

Here we have mentioned the forensic science salary for the job profiles:

Serial No.


Salary (Per Annum)


Forensic Scientist

6 to 18 Lakhs


Forensic Psychologist

90K to 12 Lakhs


Drug Analyst

4 to 14 Lakhs


Crime Laboratory Analyst

7 to 15 Lakhs


Crime Scene Examiner

5 to 15 Lakhs


Forensic Anthropologist

3 to 12 Lakhs


Forensic Pathologist

6 to 20 Lakhs


Forensic IT Specialist

4 to 10 Lakhs


Crime Reporter

2 to 7 Lakhs


Forensic Toxicologist

3 to 20 Lakhs


Forensic Accountant

4 to 12 Lakhs


Forensic Odontologists

4 to 15 Lakhs

You don’t think twice before entering this unique yet fascinating world of investigation. Indeed it is outstanding career for those who love science and law and wish to work in a combined world of both.


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Frequently Asked Question:

Why Forensic Science is a good career?
Being a unique and emerging field, it offers good career opportunities hence it is a good career.
Can I get a diploma in forensic science?
Yes, you can get a diploma in forensics after completing class 10th and 12th from a recognized board at the UG level and for PG Diploma you need to complete graduation as well.
What is the minimum salary of forensic experts?
The minimum salary that a forensic expert will get is Rs. 5 Lakhs.
What is the role of a handwriting expert?
The handwriting experts analyze the writing patterns and give conclusions about the writings found in the evidence.
What do Forensic Serologists do?
These people examine and analyze the body fluids like urine, semen, etc.
Can I get a job in government offices after doing a forensics degree?
Of course, you can get a job in the government offices. Some of the top government jobs are offered in departments like Crime Branch, Defense, etc.