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Zombie Drug: Side-Effects, Symptoms, and Treatment

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1,March 2024

These days the drug consumption rate of people is on the rising side. More than 13 million people are consuming drugs globally. People do so to avoid from mainstream society and stay in their world. But do you know the drug you are consuming to relax your mind and muscles can turn you into a zombie? Are you unable to digest the fact that we are saying? Well watch our YouTube video, “What is Zombie Drug | Xylazine” and know more about this.

What is Zombie Drug?

Zombie Drug commonly known as “tranq” in the US is used as a tranquilizer and pain reliever in cattle. The drug has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for veterinary use. It is not allowed to be used by humans as it rotten the flesh of human body.

How Does It Work?

When consumed, initially it relaxes your muscles and calms down your mind. After putting you into a semi-conscious state, it starts to decay your skin. It rotten your flesh and gives you a zombie-like appearance.  

Side Effects of Zombie Drug:

The consumption of this drug is increasing the risk of becoming an epidemic. It has various side effects on human consumption, some of which are mentioned below:

  • It can slow down your heart rate,
  • May result in blurred vision,
  • Lead to depression,
  • Gives seditious thoughts,
  • Leads to drowsiness,
  • Disorientation in body,
  • Slow down your breathing rate,
  • Lowers your blood pressure,
  • Gives a drastic drop in body temperature,
  • Increased blood glucose levels,
  • Causes necrotic skin ulcerations,
  • Causes excessive sleepiness,
  • Results in wounds,
  • May lead to coma,
  • Death.

Symptoms of Zombie Drug:

The consumption of tranq or zombie drugs shows various side effects before it completely change your life. If you consumed these drugs mistakenly or intentionally, and you notice such changes in your body then you should immediately consult a doctor before it is too late. Some of the symptoms have been mentioned below:

  • High fever,
  • Severe dementia,
  • Decreased metabolism,
  • Low blood flow,
  • Weakens cognitive abilities.


The treatment of this illness is not easy. An overdose of this drug prevents the nervous system of the person from responding to drug overdose reversal treatment. The most commonly used reversal drug is Narcan, it also fails to react in the case of Xylazine i.e. Zombie Drug. So, technically the treatment for this drug is not yet possible.