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Poisoning & Its Types

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11,March 2024

Accidental or intentional poisoning can take away someone’s life. Sometimes the case turns so severe that the patient dies during the transit time itself and doctors suggest that if the patient had been brought earlier he might have been saved. Therefore to avoid such causalities we must know poisoning can be treated at home also. To know this in detail, watch our YouTube video, “How to Treat Poisoning At Home Using Milk and Charcoal?

What is Poison?

Poison is any substance that causes damage to the organs or tissues of the human body through chemical reactions. It causes fatal effects on the body severe enough to kill the person as well. The substances that can be called poison are drugs, pesticides, pollutants, etc.

How Poison Can Enter Body?

Poison can enter the human body in various ways, however, ingestion or swallowing is considered to be the most common way of poisoning. Apart from this several ways in which these toxins can enter the body are mentioned below:

  • Through inhalation,
  • Through skin penetration,
  • By injection,
  • Exposure to radiation,
  • Through snake bite or venomous insect bite.

Types of Poisoning:

Poisoning can be caused naturally and synthetically and both require immediate action and treatment. Food poisoning is the most common, but there are other ways of toxication as well. Some of the types of poisoning that exit are given below:

1. Food Poisoning:

This is the most common kind of intoxication. It occurs due to the consumption of food that is either not cooked properly or cooked in an unhygienic manner. For example, consumption of undercooked eggs and meat can cause severe food poisoning. In some cases, food being cooked with contaminated water can also cause toxication.

2. Agricultural Poisoning:

This type of poisoning happens when a person consumes food that contains high levels of insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. When these chemicals enter the body, they cause severe deposition of these chemicals hence causing intoxication.

3. Drug Overdose:

Almost everyone consumes medical drugs to either cure some disease or to control it. But when the consumption of this drug increases from a certain specified level then it turns out to be dangerous for the body. For example, painkillers are the most common drug used by a wide range of people. But you should rarely use them because they cause severe damage to the liver.

4. Radiation Exposure:

Exposure to harmful radiation is another type of poisoning. It occurs when a person is either working in a place that has radiation or is accidentally exposed to such radiation. These are the most harmful ones as they directly enter the body through skin penetration and need immediate treatment if not provided on time; it may cause lifelong damage to the person.

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How These Toxicants Are Eliminated?

Since the existence of these toxicants is harmful to the body hence they require to be eliminated from the body as well. Ways in which these toxicants can be removed from the body are:

  • Excretion,
  • Sweat secretion,
  • Consumption of milk or charcoal,
  • Biotransformation.

Hence, always be attentive whenever you come across someone who has consumed poison. Pay due attention to him and consult the doctor immediately for quick relief.