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How to check Authenticity of Rs 500 Note?

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27,Jan 2024

Whenever we receive cash from someone be it our known or unknown person, the first thought that comes to our mind is “Is this note authentic?” And this doubt haunts us even more when the note is of Rs 500. Since the introduction of the Rs 500 currency note in the market there are so many instances when the claims regarding its authenticity came across. To get a clear picture of this, watch our YouTube video “Unveil the Authenticity of Currency Notes”.

Well, just by looking at the currency notes you can’t tell whether it is authentic or not. And because of this many people from time to time try to use counterfeited currency in the money market. To identify the fake currency and save yourself from any sort of fraud, you should check the mandatory features of the notes as identifying them properly will save you.

How to Check the Authenticity of Your Notes?

Though there are so many hit and try methods available on the internet through which you can check the notes. But to get 100% surety you can check the key features mentioned below in this article. As these features for authentication are told by the Reserve Bank of India itself and hence there is no better source to verify them.

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The key features that are present on the notes and can be used for authentication by people are given below:

  • The original size of the Rs 500 note is 66 mm x 150 mm, so if you have measurement scales in your proximity then go for it and check the size.
  • The base cul or of the currency should be stone grey, while the overall color is green, if you find any variation in it you need to check the note again.
  • When you will be looking at the backside of the note there will be white space on the left side but if you check the note holding in the air, you can see 500 printed over the space.
  • There is a green color security thread in the middle of the note whose color will change to blue when you tilt the note.
  • A sideway looking image of Mahatma Gandhi is printed on the center of the currency which feels rough on touching to facilitate the blind.
  • On the left of this image of Gandhiji will be inscribed Rs 500 in Devanagari script.
  • To represent the heritage of our country, the note has Red Fort motif on the backside.
  • There are various geometric patterns spread all over the note, like the watermarks of 500.
  • On the right side, there will be a national emblem.
  • Between the security thread and national emblem, there will be the guarantee clause accompanied by the signature of the Governor of RBI.
  • There will be numbers printed on the left and bottom right of the note that will be in ascending manner.
  • On the backside, there will be the logo of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan along with the slogan.

Check the indications that we have mentioned above and know the authenticity of your note in a simple way.