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Forensic Pathologist: Salary, Work and Specialization

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Forensic Pathologist: Salary, Work and Specialization

3,March 2024

The branch of forensics that deals with the examination and analysis of the evidence and other biological and non-biological samples collected from the crime scene is known as Forensic Pathology. These are the experts who are responsible for examining body fluids like semen, saliva, blood, urine, etc to help in the case investigation. These people use various scientific methods to examine the samples and the body of the deceased to conclude the cause and manner of death. Here in this blog, we have covered the job roles of these professionals and their salaries in India and Abroad.

Who Is A Forensic Pathologist?

Those specialists who conduct various scientific tests like microscopy analysis, chromatography tests, etc to conclude the cause of death are known as Forensic Pathologists. These are the people who conduct autopsies to identify the presence of injuries on the body and their types. Based on their findings they give the estimated time of death that is helpful in the crime investigation. Apart from finding out the injuries they also focus on the medical history of the deceased that could have led to the demise of the person.

What Do Forensic Pathologists Do?

The task of determining the cause, manner, and time of death of the deceased is vested in these specialists. In cases when it becomes quite difficult to identify the dead, these people help in the identification by analyzing the DNA sample. Some of the roles these experts perform are mentioned below:

  • Conduct Postmortem: These experts conduct the autopsies or post-mortem to figure out the possible reason for the sudden death. Apart from this, they also look for the functioning of the organs. They try to determine whether there was a sexual assault or not.
  • Determine cause and manner of death: Their primary aim is to figure out the reason behind the sudden demise of a person. In case of murder, they look for the identifications on the body to know how the murder was committed.
  • Identify the injuries: These people examine the body and identify the wounds and injuries on the body. Through this, they conclude the cause behind the demise. Injuries reveal multiple things about the death, like the presence of sexual assault, knife injuries, bullet injuries, etc.
  • Trace the medical history: They determine the presence of family and individual medical history. Through this, they try to connect the dots in the crime mystery. They identify the presence of drugs in the body and the duration of their consumption.
  • Determine the medical condition of the organs: These experts analyze the body and the functioning of the organs to know whether the failure of any organ in the body led to the demise or not.
  • Evaluate the expected time of death: The time of death of the deceased is speculated by the pathologists. They determine the time since death as it helps in determining the suspects who were present at the crime scene at the time of death.
  • Analyze samples: These experts analyze the samples collected from the crime scene that help in the investigation of the crime case. The samples that are examined include the body fluids, substances collected from the crime scene as evidence, and DNA samples of all the suspects of the case.
  • Prepare reports: They prepare the reports and present them to the investigation agencies based on their findings. They preserve these findings for future reference by storing the data in the database.
  • Testify the court: These specialists present their findings and testify in court. They provide enough explanation supporting the evidence to the law enforcement agencies.

Where Do They Work?

Generally, these people work in the laboratories, but here we have mentioned some of their working organizations:

  • Government Laboratories,
  • Private Laboratories,
  • Morgue,
  • Hospitals,
  • Public Health Facility Centers,
  • Police Departments.

Specializations of Forensic Pathologists:

This field offers multiple specializations to the candidates and they can choose it depending on their interest. However, people who pursue these specializations are known by different names but all these categories fall under the category of pathology only. Here we have mentioned the specializations of this field:

  • Toxicology:Under this, candidates study the nature and impact of poisons and hazardous substances on the human body. Along with this these people also identify the type of intoxicating agent consumed by the deceased before the demise.
  • Ballistics Injuries: Under this, candidates read the impact of ballistics and the wounds caused due to bullets, etc.
  • Serology:These experts work on the body fluids like blood, urine, etc. All these samples are tested using various techniques like chromatography, etc.
  • DNA Analysis: Forensic Pathologists examine DNA samples to identify the offender by comparing the findings of the evidence with that of the suspect’s DNA.

Salary of Forensic Pathologists:

Being specialists in their field, these people earn more than any other pathologist in the market. Because of the demand for such professionals, their salary is also exciting. On average, they earn INR 8 Lakhs per annum. However, their salary is based on multiple factors and hence varies as well. Some of the major factors that affect the salary of these pathologists are mentioned below:

  • Experience: Though the starting salary of all these professionals is almost the same with some variation depending on the company and geographic location it varies depending on the experience that the candidate holds. Based on the years of experience, candidates are offered variable salaries. For example, candidates with higher years of experience are offered higher salaries than those offered to candidates with less years of experience.
  • Geographic Location: The job location of a person also affects the salary he is getting. For example, if someone is working in towns or remote areas then they will be getting fewer cases and hence will be offered less salary. On the other hand, if someone is working at a reputed and well-known organization like a government hospital will receive a higher salary. This is because the numbers of cases they get are comparatively lesser in remote areas and these are higher in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore.
  • Educational Qualification: Every pathologist holds the same degree of bachelor’s in forensics with pathology as a specialization. But the things that mark the difference among these experts are master’s degrees and certifications. Someone who holds a master’s degree will be offered a higher package for the same profile. Additionally, an expert with certification will have an upper hand as the companies and organizations will prefer them because of the skills they own.
  • Specialization: Based on the specialization chosen by the candidates, their pay scale varies. This is because the field demands more professionals while others require comparatively fewer employees. For example, candidates with DNA analysis specialization earn more and those with serology specialization will receive less salary.

Salary Based On Experience:

As we have mentioned above the salary of these experts varies as per their experience, we have mentioned the salary variation in the table given below based on experience. Candidates can have a look at them and get an overview of the same:

Serial No. Experience Salary (Per Annum)
1. Entry level (less than one year) 2-3 Lakhs
2. Early career (1-4 years) 4-6 Lakhs
3. Mid career (5-9 years) 7- 8 Lakhs
4. Experienced (10-19 years) 9- 11 Lakhs
5. Late-career (20+ years) 12 Lakhs+

Salary of Forensic Pathologists In Different Countries:

The salary of all the pathologists who are working in different countries is variable. Depending on the scope and market, they get different packages. For example, developed countries offer good packages to their employees, while underdeveloped countries offer lower salaries to the same qualified professionals.

Serial No. Country Salary(Per Annum)
1. United States $195,000
2. United Kingdom £91,027
3. Japan ¥4,057,703
4. South Korea ₩11,029,661
5. China ¥142432
6. India Rs. 12 Lakhs
7. Canada $250,012
8. Denmark 1,273,300 DKK
9. Australia AU$99506
10. Russia 3,898,100 RUB

Salary Based On Industry:

The salary of these experts not only varies as per the geographical location, experience, etc but also depends on the industry a professional is working with. Here we have mentioned the salary structure of these experts based on the industry parameters:
Serial No. Industry Salary (Per Annum)
1. Outpatient Care Centers 3 Lakhs
2. Offices of Physicians 5 Lakhs
3. Crime Branches 6 Lakhs
4. Home Healthcare Services 2.5 Lakhs
5. Care Retirement Communities 3.5 Lakhs
6. General Medical and Surgical Hospitals 5 Lakhs
7. Colleges 9 Lakhs
8. Universities 12 Lakhs
9. Government Laboratories 10 Lakhs
10. Private Companies 7 Lakhs

Based on the overall salary structure mentioned above in this blog, candidates can make their choice wisely and decide where they wish to work and how they want to start their professional career.


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1. What is the average salary of Forensic Pathologists?
The average salary of these pathologists in India is INR 8 Lakhs per annum.
2. What are the factors that affect the salary of Forensic Pathologists?
The factors that affect the salary of these experts are geographical location, experience, and educational qualification.
3. Where do Forensic Pathologists work?
These experts majorly work in government and private hospitals, morgues, laboratories, etc.