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Fingerprint Science Course - A Complete Guide

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Fingerprint Science Course - A Complete Guide

04,June 2024

In such a huge world of forensic science, new techniques and technologies are emerging with each passing day. Some of the famous and important techniques include document examination and fingerprint analysis. The art of analyzing and examining the fingerprints once collected from the crime scene to solve criminal investigations is learned in the field of fingerprint science. This field has become an integral part of crime investigation and acts as a cornerstone of each investigative work. If you are someone who is fascinated by this attractive field and wishes to delve deeper into this field, then you should opt to pursue this course. Here in this blog, we have given the complete details on the fingerprint science course, its importance, and what expectations can be met through this course.

What is Fingerprint Science?

Fingerprint science often known as dactyloscopy, is the method of identifying people on the basis of the unique patterns that are found on their fingertips. These patterns are known as whorls and ridges. These patterns are formed on the fingers during fetal development of an individual itself. These prints do not change throughout a person's life from birth to death therefore these sources make fingerprints a reliable form of identification in such cases where no other findings can be made to identify the person deceased or who meet an accident and their body gets damaged. The science that revolves around fingerprints is based on basically three main principles. These major principles are mentioned below to give you an overview of the same:

  • Uniqueness: Fingerprints are unique in nature and hence no two individuals have identical prints. Because of this feature, the experts in this field can use prints to trace people by sampling the impressions and comparing them with the ones that the investigation officers have stored in the database.
  • Permanence: The patterns that are found on the palm and fingers of your hand remain unchanged over time and hence act as a reliable source of investigation.
  • Classifiability: Fingerprints can be classified on the basis of ridge patterns that are present on the fingers.

Fingerprint Science Course:

The program of fingerprint science can be pursued at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels. The duration of the fingerprint course is 3 to 4 years during graduation while it is 2 years for a post-graduation degree. Such candidates who are interested in the study of this field can pursue this course both in full-time and part-time mode.

Courses in Fingerprint Science:

Some of the top courses that can be pursued to live your dream of becoming a fingerprint expert are given below:

  • B.Tech (Forensic Science),
  • B.Sc. (Forensic Science),
  • M.Tech (Forensic Science),
  • M.Sc. (Forensic Science),
  • Post Graduate Diploma (Forensic Science),
  • PhD (Forensic Science),
  • M.Phil. (Forensic Science).

Syllabus of Fingerprint Science:

The fingerprint science syllabus of each subject plays an important role in furnishing a course offered by an institute. Therefore, it is important for a candidate to be well versed with the syllabus and course curriculum so that they are able to tackle the course efficiently by learning to the utmost level and gaining enough knowledge. There is no standard syllabus for the course of fingerprint science however here we have mentioned those subjects that are taught in almost every institute offering this particular course.

Serial No. Subject Name Syllabus
1 HISTORY AND BASICS OF FINGERPRINTS History of Fingerprint Science, main function of Fingerprint bureau, main function of Fingerprint bureau, Development of Fingerprint Science, Composition of sweat and secretion of sweat, Pattern types & Ridge characteristics, Ridge tracing, Ridge counting
2 CLASSIFICATION METHODS OF FINGERPRINTS Various systems for Fingerprint classification, Henry classification system, numerical value, symbol, primary classification, secondary classification, sub-secondary classification and final classification, NCIC classification, AFIS classification
3 DEVELOPMENT AND ANALYSIS OF FINGERPRINT Development, Identification & Presentation of Fingerprint, Known prints & Rolled impressions, Direct or Inked prints, Development of Latent Prints & Lifting techniques, Physical & chemical Methods: Powder techniques & Various chemical techniques, Processing of Post developed prints. Fingerprint Comparison & Identification, Introduction to AFIS
4 TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES IN FORENSIC SCIENCE Branches of forensic science. Forensic science in international perspectives, including set up of INTERPOL and FBI. Duties of forensic scientists. Code of conduct for forensic scientists. Qualifications of forensic scientists. Data depiction. Report writing
5 ORGANIZATIONAL SET UP of FORENSIC SCIENCE LABORATORIES IN INDIA Hierarchical set up of Central Forensic Science Laboratories, State Forensic Science Laboratories, Government Examiners of Questioned Documents, Fingerprint Bureaus, National Crime Records Bureau, Police & Detective Training Schools, Bureau of Police Research & Development, Directorate of Forensic Science and Mobile Crime Laboratories. Police Academies. Police dogs. Services of crime laboratories. Basic services and optional services

Importance of Fingerprint Science Course:

The study of fingerprints and their implementation in crime investigation plays an important and crucial role in the legal world where justice needs to be served to those who fall in the trap of offenders. Even investigation is not the only niche that requires these experts instead this field finds importance in increasing the safety and security systems. The science of fingerprints allows an expert to:

  • Identify Individuals: Criminal investigations are often conducted by matching fingerprints found at crime scenes with those present in the databases of crime branches and police departments.
  • Prove the Innocence: Fingerprint examination and analysis are also able to prove the innocence of individuals wrongly accused of a crime and thus hold the actual offender accountable for it.
  • Enhance Security: In order to increase safety and secure access at the premises, there are many organizations that use fingerprints.

Career Opportunities In Fingerprint Science:

Such candidates who pursue fingerprint courses get the opportunity to experience a unique challenging field that gives them new challenges in each case investigated by you. As an expert, you will be able to work with top class companies in India and abroad. There are several private and public organizations that offer exciting packages to such professionals and give them an atmosphere of living their dream of becoming fingerprint examiners.

Top Recruiters of Fingerprint Science:

As discussed above, such professionals get ample opportunities to work in the field of fingerprint science. Some of the top companies that hire such professionals are as follows:

Serial No. Government Organizations Private Organizations
1 Intelligence Bureau Private Hospitals
2 Central Bureau of Investigation Detective Agencies
3 Government Forensic Laboratory Private Forensic Laboratory
4 Income Tax Department Insurance Companies
5 Crime Branch University
6 Quality Control Bureau Banks
7 Government Hospitals Private Investigator
8 Courts Secret Service
9 Narcotics Department
10 Department of Forensic Medicine

Career Opportunities In Fingerprint Science:

There are ample job options for such students who pursue the field of fingerprints. They don’t need to worry about their work profile since because of the demand for such experts top organizations compete to hire the best candidate in this field.

Some of the top career opportunities that can be opted for by the candidates after completion of their graduation or post-graduation in the concerned field are given below:

  • Fingerprint experts,
  • Forensic investigators,
  • Crime scene examiners,
  • Fingerprint analysts,
  • Professor,
  • Lab technician,
  • Forensic advisor,
  • Fingerprint technician,
  • Law Enforcement Officer,
  • Security Specialist.

Top Fingerprint Science Colleges:

The colleges that offer study in the field of fingerprints are private and government colleges. Across India, the colleges offering this course have a varying fee structure that depends on various factors like infrastructure, facilities, faculties, placements, etc. Students who are admitted to fingerprint course can have a look at the colleges that we have mentioned below in the table. Students should choose college wisely so as to ensure their success in their professional careers.

Some of the top institutes offering various programs in fingerprint science are given in the table below:

Serial No. Government Colleges Private Colleges
1 Banaras Hindu University Lloyd Institute of Forensic Science
2 Panjab University Chandigarh University (CU)
3 Cochin University of Science and Technology Amity University, Noida
5 University of Mysore Christ University
6 University of Madras Dr M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute
7 Gujarat University Amity University, Gurugram
8 University of Calicut Galgotias University
9 GGSIPU Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences
10 IFS Mumbai Sharda University
11 Osmania University Kalinga University
12 NFSU Jain University

Enrollment in a fingerprint science program not only increases your understanding of fingerprint techniques but also prepares you for future challenges in the field of crime investigation and examination. If you are someone who is attracted to the field of justice delivery and wishes to master the art of forensic analysis, this is the perfect field for living your dream. With rigorous dedication and hard work for building your professional career choose your course and college both wisely thus you can become an asset for this field and will be able to uncover the hidden truths and deliver justice to the victims.


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