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Cyber Kidnapping: Ways of Deception & Prevention Techniques

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18,March 2024

We often come across cases of abduction and captivation by known and unknown people. When we hear the word “abduction” we automatically think of physical abduction but what if we say you can get abducted online as well? Yes, you read it right. Now fraudsters or scammers are using technology and cyberspace for kidnapping and extortion as well. The act of kidnapping people through digital means and getting ransom for the same is known as Cyber kidnapping. To know more about this, watch our YouTube video, “What is cyber kidnapping |How to Protect Yourself!

What is Cyber Kidnapping?

It is a type of cyber crime in which the victim is not kidnapped physically instead they are tricked in a manner that the victim himself hides from his family. Once the victim hides, these scammers contact their family and ask for a ransom amount from them. Even in some cases these people get unauthorized access to victim’s data and extort them in exchange for not leaking their personal data on the internet. This whole process is held digitally hence sometimes it becomes quite difficult to trace the offenders as well.

Ways of Deception:

This cybercrime is an advanced crime whose knowledge is yet not available to the mass population. Hence, the criminals are using these tricks more often to fool people. Here we have mentioned the deception ways used by the offenders:

1. Social Engineering:

Cybercriminals trace their target and dig out information about them and their family. After this, they use critical information like private photos or data of the victim to create fear in their head and ask for money from them.

2. Phishing Attack:

Through malware attacks, these people get unauthorized access to the digital space of the victim and monitor each and every detail about them. Once they are done with this they threaten the victim to hide from their parents or else they will share the personal data with them. And simultaneously contact the victim’s parents for money to release their kid.

3. Misusing Lack of Technological Knowledge:

Instead of technology being used by a huge proportion of the world’s population, there is still a portion that is not fully aware of the technology. And this lack of complete knowledge is being used by the offenders in their favor.

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How To Prevent Cyber Kidnapping?

People in today’s world need to be aware of the digital world since cyber crimes are increasing rapidly. Some of the ways that you can use to stay safe from such crimes are:

  • Do not click on unknown links,
  • Verify the identity of a user before sharing your personal details,
  • Avoid storing sensitive data on your device,
  • Educate your friends and family about digital space,
  • Be vigilant and report every suspicious activity you come across,
  • Use secure internet connections and not the public ones,
  • Do not discuss your personal details in a public place.

Cyber Kidnapping is a serious digital crime and a threatening experience for the victim. Hence you should stay vigilant and stay safe from cyber crimes.