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Crime Analyst: Requirements, Salary and Skills

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Crime Analyst: Requirements, Salary and Skills

07,March 2024

What if only crimes being committed repeatedly all over India with no solution at all? Will you feel safe enough to stay with your family in this country? No, right, and this is also not the scenario, because our police department along with crime branches are working day and night to reduce the crimes in the country. And the experts who help these departments in reducing crimes are known as Crime Analysts. These are the professionals who implement their scientific knowledge to analyze the trends and patterns of crime and thus suggest remedies for combating crimes. Here in this blog, we have given the complete details on who are crime analysts, the requirements for being a crime analyst, the skills required, and the salary structure.

Who Is A Crime Analyst?

These are the experts who try to understand the cause behind the crimes being committed in a particular region. Based on the skills and experience they have gained over the years, they make suggestions for crime reduction to police departments, government agencies, law enforcement agencies, etc. These professionals gather data from various sources and make comparisons to determine the patterns being followed by criminals, thus identifying the offenders of a case. These people prepare the reports based on their findings and then store the data for future reference.

Requirements for Being A Crime Analyst:

The job of a crime analyst is a demanding one hence such experts need to pay full attention to their job. To do this, they need to fulfill the essential requirements of this role. These experts are required to complete basic educational qualifications followed by training and internship which is mandatory for acquiring the necessary skills required for the job. Here we have mentioned the requirements you need to fulfill to become a crime analyst:

1. Complete Your Graduation Course:

Before you turn into a professional the minimum requirement that needs to be fulfilled by you is getting your bachelor’s degree. Candidates need to pursue undergraduate courses from a recognized institute or university in forensic science. During your graduation years, you will be taught the importance of these analysts in the field of crime and how they need to start their journey. To get admission in forensics in an undergraduate course, you need to fulfill the below mentioned eligibility criteria:

Eligibility Required:

  • To pursue a bachelor’s in forensics course students must have passed their class 10th and 12th in science stream from a recognized board with at least 50% marks.

Subjects Available:

Candidates can pursue graduation in any of the subjects mentioned below in the list to live their dream of being a crime analyst:

  • Psychology,
  • Public Administration,
  • Forensic Science,
  • Statistics,
  • Criminology.

2. Undergo Training/Internship:

Once you complete the undergraduate program in any of the fields mentioned above you are halfway done. Now the next step is to undergo training or internship at the organization of your choice. Undergoing the training program will inculcate the art of examining the crimes, their patterns, trends, etc. in an individual. While working as a trainee or an intern you will understand the mentality of criminals and thus will gain the skill of predicting the crimes. By predicting the crime and their occurrence you will ultimately help the law enforcement agencies in preventing the crimes.

3. Get Certificate:

Though by now you are good to go but if you opt for getting a certificate in the respective field then it will surely add another advantage to your professional growth. After getting the certification, you can work with reputed organizations across India. The certification will act as an expert indicator of your profile. Companies and agencies prefer candidates who are specialized in the domain and not the generalized ones thus it will enhance your skills thus ultimately increase your market value.

4. Get A Master’s Degree:

To get an upper hand in the market where most of the graduates are struggling to get a good-paying job, you can pursue a post-graduation program. Once you complete your master’s degree in the respective field it will add another star to your resume and hence will make you a better and higher earning professional in comparison to those who are just graduates. You can opt for a post-graduation course from any of the recognized institutes or universities. But before getting admission do not forget to check the eligibility conditions mentioned by us below that need to be fulfilled by the candidates.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Students need to pass their class 10th and 12th in science with at least 50% aggregate marks.
  • Candidates need to pass their bachelor’s program from a recognized university with at least 50% marks.

What Are The Skills Required By A Crime Analyst?

Crime Analyst being an expert job can’t be done by anyone roaming around with an undergraduate degree. Instead, it requires such experts to acquire a special set of skills that helps them in crime solving. Just giving a read to the findings of a case will not be enough for you. Hence you need to be a good thinker and be able to analyze things and the findings so that you can make better interpretations thus helping in predicting and preventing the crimes in your region.

Some of the most important skills that need to be present in all such candidates who wish to become a crime analyst are mentioned below:

1. Investigation Skills:

For such an expert it is quite important that they have good investigative skills. Acquiring these skills will help the experts to closely study the patterns of crime, the mental behavior of criminals, techniques they follow for committing crimes, the rate of crime in a particular region, the type of victims and offenders, etc. Along with this, it will also help them in analyzing the evidence collected from the crime scene and their usefulness in future cases.

2. Critical Thinker:

If you are not able to make interpretations based on the findings of a case then what is the whole point of being a crime analyst? It is your sole responsibility and job to determine the reason behind the crimes being committed and thus make logical conclusions about the same.

3. Strong CommunicationSkills:

After analyzing the crimes and the criminals you need to record the findings as well. You need to present your findings in the form of reports in the court, even in some cases you will be required to testify in front of the judges as well. For this, you must have good verbal and non-verbal skills.

4. Attentive:

For such an expert being attentive to details is a basic requirement. You should be able to pay attention to each detail so that you can make accurate conclusions and present your reports in court.

5. Research Skills:

Just observing the situation, case, and crime scene will not result in case-solving. Therefore you need to have good research skills so that you interpret the case, conclude the case and hence help the police department in reducing crimes.

6. Computer literacy:

These professionals are required to manage the entire data of their cases in the computer system using various software and databases thus they should be good at dealing with the computers. They should have a basic computer education while an expert in computers will be an asset.

7. Team Worker:

Your job is not confined to the laboratory instead you will be working in the field and off-site both. You will be required to communicate your findings to the courtroom and ask for the details on the case from the victims, suspects, witnesses, and the crime investigation officers. Hence you need to coordinate with several people who will be surrounding you almost every second of your job hours.

What Is The Salary of A Crime Analyst?

One of the most important pillars of this society is the police department. Crime analysts are an integral part of this team. These are the people who not only help in the investigation of the cases instead they help in predicting the crimes with utmost accuracy along with their prevention techniques. These people perform a wide range of tasks right from case investigation, the study of patterns, crime trend analysis, preparing reports, testifying, etc. Therefore they receive good salary packages too, and these packages increase with the rise in years of experience the candidates hold. Here we have mentioned the salary of such an expert based on their experience in the table below for your reference.

Serial No. Experience Salary (Per Annum)
1. Entry-level (0-5 Years) Rs. 5,00,000 – 6,50,000
2. Mid-career (5-10 Years) Rs. 6,50,000 – 8,50,000
3. Experienced (10-20 Years) Rs. 8,50,000 – 10,00,000
4. Late-career (more than 20 Years) More than Rs. 10,00,000

As a crime analyst, you will be using your analytical skills and scientific knowledge to help the judiciary system in criminal cases. You will be using various advanced technology tools in determining the crimes and their pattern thus helping in reducing the crimes. 


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