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06,Feb 2024

Do you also have the habit of submitting your Aadhaar card whenever someone asks for ID proof? Do you even remember how many people and at how many places you have given your Aadhaar card as a source of identity? Well, we must tell you that your bank account might drain and maybe you are at risk. Yes, you read it right. With growing technology and digitalization crimes and criminals are also taking advanced steps. These days online frauds are increasing at a fast pace. Almost every day we hear people getting scammed in one or the other way. And the newest is draining of your account through an Aadhaar Card that too without OTP. To learn more about this, watch our YouTube video, “Scam Alert: Aadhaar Card Scam | Tips To Stay Safe ”.

The scammers are getting better at using new techniques to fraud people. For example, OTP scams, parcel delivery scams, and screen share scams are a few of them. And the newest is the Aadhaar Card scam. The fraudsters are using this technique more frequently because they don’t even need your OTP to make transactions.

How Aadhaar Scam is done?

In Aadhaar card scams, scammers use the AePS model that needs no PIN or OTP of the account holder to facilitate the transactions. Here we have given how the scam is done using your Aadhaar details:

  • Fraudsters get the Aadhaar details from hotels and online websites storing your data with them.
  • They illegally obtain the biometric fingerprints of victims.
  • Clone fingerprint biometrics of the victims using silicon fingerprint replicas.
  • Use these cloned fingerprints and carry out the AePS (Aadhaar Enabled Payment System) transactions and drain your bank account.

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What is AePS?

Aadhaar Enabled Payment System is facilitated by the banks at CSP (Customer Service Points) to customers to ease transactions. It enables users to make online transactions at PoS (Point of Sale) and micro ATMs using fingerprints. No OTP or ATM PIN is required to make transactions through this method and it only uses Aadhaar authentication.

What is A Customer Service Point?

These points are authorized representatives of banks that offer essential banking services such as account opening, cash deposit and withdrawal, balance inquiry, and fund transfers. These points do not require OTPs and use fingerprints and Aadhaar card authentication only for transactions.

How to prevent Aadhaar Scams?

  • Never share your Aadhaar and biometric details with anyone.
  • Regularly check your transactions and messages received from the bank.
  • Do not share your OTPs with anyone.
  • Do not forward messages received from the bank to anyone.
  • Do not share your details with any calls or emails received from banks, as they do not ask for personal information on electronic media.
  • In case you fall into the trap of a scam, immediately block your bank account and register your complaint with the bank.

So, beware of these scams and try not to share your details with anyone.