Training & Placements

Lloyd prides itself on the placements the students get. In the LIFS, there is a dedicated team which works together for the student placement to ensure that the best

  • Central Forensic Science Laboratories,
  • State Forensic Science Laboratories,
  • Regional Forensic Science Laboratories,
  • Criminal Lawyer,
  • Private Forensic Science Laboratories,
  • Police & Security agencies,
  • Colleges & Universities,
  • Medico-legal Institutes,
  • Government & Private Banks and Insurance companies

These organizations will inculcate in hand experience and expertise to students through the concerned experts of their fields, case report formation, reviewing the prepared reports by experts observe the forensic expert on his/her job as to how the investigations, are done, analysis are made and interpreted. The student is also to develop skill to write the report in addition to learning the methodologies of presenting the evidence in the court.