Mobile Forensic van

Real-World Learning at Lloyd Institute of Forensic Science

A Day of Discovery and Insight

At Lloyd Institute of Forensic Science, we believe in providing our students with hands-on experiences that transcend traditional learning. On this extraordinary day, our students had the privilege of participating in a live session with the esteemed Crime Team Delhi, offering them real-time exposure to the world of crime scene investigation and management.

The experts from Delhi Police not only shared their wealth of knowledge but also provided an exclusive glimpse into the operations of a cutting-edge Mobile Forensic Van. This remarkable vehicle is equipped with a wide range of forensic kits, including those for blood detection, semen detection, explosives, cybercrime tools, and much more.

Armed with this newfound knowledge and first-hand experience, our students are now better equipped to make a tangible impact in the dynamic and ever-evolving field of forensic science. We are committed to nurturing their potential and fostering a future generation of forensic experts.