laboratory visit

On the 3rd of June 2023, we had the privilege of hosting 16 talented students from Kalasalingam University, Tamilnadu, for a captivating laboratory visit at the Lloyd Institute of Forensic Science in Greater Noida. Led by the esteemed Prof. (Dr.) Amarnath Mishra, Head of the Lloyd Institute of Forensic Science, this experience left us all in awe. Join us in taking a closer look at their remarkable journey through the captivating world of forensic science.

Laboratory Highlights:

  • Crime Scene Investigation & Management Laboratory: Our visitors delved into the fascinating realm of crime scenes, uncovering the intricacies of evidence collection, preservation, and overall management. This hands-on experience provided invaluable insights into the art of solving complex cases.
  • Forensic Chemistry & Toxicology Laboratory: The students had the opportunity to explore our well-equipped laboratory, witnessing firsthand the cutting-edge equipment and techniques used to analyze chemical substances and toxins crucial in the pursuit of justice.
  • Fingerprint & Other Impressions Laboratory: In this captivating laboratory, our guests discovered the mesmerizing world of fingerprints and impressions. They had the chance to explore the techniques used to identify individuals based on unique patterns and even tried their hand at dusting and lifting prints!
  • Forensic Document Examination Laboratory: At this intriguing lab, our students learned the art of scrutinizing documents, identifying forgeries, and analyzing handwriting. The use of VSC 8000HS for forensic document analysis left them amazed, emphasizing how even the tiniest details can hold critical clues.
  • Digital and Multimedia Forensic Laboratory: Embracing the digital age, our guests delved into the world of digital forensics. They explored techniques to uncover evidence from computers, smartphones, and other multimedia devices, witnessing firsthand how technology plays a vital role in modern-day investigations. The students also gained insights into the analysis of cases related to Audio-Video and CCTV exhibits.

This visit was a testament to our commitment to excellence in forensic science education and exploration. We look forward to many more opportunities to share the wonders of this field with aspiring young minds.